My Approach

I want singles and couples to feel they have trust and confidence in someone they can feel is like a friend when we work together. I want them to feel comfortable and open as this is the most important aspect I have found when going through the IVF journey. There are never too many questions and there is never a silly one. I will coach depending on each personal situation, no one person is ever the same. Your experience should feel personal and safe.

I will be working on bespoke advice, and contact with you via phone calls, emails and Skype from the beginning to the end, and I will always available for on going coaching as you need. I will firstly assess your fertility goals and gather information about your general health and fitness. We will then sit down and discuss the findings and where you wish to move forward to.

You will also have access to:

  • Initial consultation
  • Understanding test results, semen analysis, planning next steps
  • Working on a bespoke plan for you
  • How and where to access donor sperm, & surrogacy
  • Which clinics may suite your needs
  • How to access transport of your eggs, sperm and embryos if needed
  • Egg donation
  • Timed intercourse

I will become your voice, embryologist, and fertility dictionary. My goal is to take away any external stressors and anxiety around such a wonderful time in your life, so you and your partner can become baby ready! You will also have access to purchasing a fertility focused nutritional advice program from a close Naturopathic colleague Emma Sutherland.

Emma Sutherland is a Naturopath, Author, Nutritionist and Herbalist among other things. Emma’s passion for natural health lead her to pursue a career in naturopathy, which culminated in her qualification of a Bachelor of Science in Complementary Medicine in 2004.

Emma is a passionate women’s health advocate and proud mother. Motherhood is always a shared and enriching journey, however, challenges can come up for both yourself and your children along the way. Emma experienced an easy conception and truly wonderful pregnancy, but the rest was quite the opposite. A breech baby, an unintended C-section, an inability to breastfeed, and a severe reflux baby, all followed by complete hormone debilitation.

It took Emma 3 years of consistent naturopathy treatment and support to get the health of her daughter, Sophia, and her own health back on track.
What natural therapy taught Emma along the way is a protocol she now calls the ‘Studio You Method’, which provides the foundation for good health. Without covering the five foundational pillars that uphold this protocol, optimal health and vitality is simply not possible.
As a naturopath, she is here to help with your nutritional needs, guide and support you towards your optimal fertility health.